A Week in the Weminuche

June 26, 2010 - July 03, 2010

Day 1 - June 26th

Started out at the Vallecito Campground and began our hike into the wilderness area heading north on the Vallecito Trail. After a few miles we turned west to head up the Johnson Creek drainage along the Needle Creek Trail to camp for the night

Day 2 - June 27th

Hiked over 12,800’ Columbine Pass and then descended into Chicago Basin. Set up our campsite that we’d be at for the next couple days.

Day 3 - June 28th

Early morning start to climb Mount Eolus (14,090’) but got stormed off. Our group only made it to “the Catwalk” but one member dashed ahead with some other climbers and made the summit.

Day 4 - June 29th

For our next 14er, Windom Peak (14,092’) we decided to get an even earlier start to avoid afternoon storms. Successful summit but then came back down to camp to discover goats trying to get into our gear. They are a real nuisance in the Chicago Basin area.

Day 5 - June 30th

Packed up camp and hiked out of Chicago Basin back over Columbine Pass and again camped along the Johnson Creek.

Day 6 - July 1st

Broke camp and hiked out the rest of the way down to the Vallecito and out to the trailhead.

Day 7 - July 2nd

Drove to Leadville. Took the long (and wrong) way up Mt. Elbert (14,440’) via 13er Bull Mountain 10.8 miles round-trip.

Day 8 - July 3rd

Ran in the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon up Mosquito Pass (13,185’). It was refreshing to have nothing on our backs after backpacking for a week.